Joint Treatment | Joint Sealants

HYPERSEAL 2K-F   (alchimica)

Low-modulus two-component pourable PU sealant for horizontal expansion joints & cracks. Resistant to molds, chemicals, various climatic & temperature conditions (-40 to 90°C). Suitable for potable water. Overpaintable. Requires Primer-PU on porous surfaces & Aquadur on humid ones.

Color: grey
Coverage: ~10 lm / 6 Kg (20 x 20 mm joints)
Packing: 6 Kg kit

HYPERSEAL EXPERT 150   (alchimica)

Low-modulus one-component thixotropic PU sealant for vertical & horizontal expansion joints & cracks. Resistant to molds, chemicals & temperature (-40 to 80°C). Bubble-free curing & strong adhesion to almost all surfaces. Suitable for very large expansion joints. Overpaintable. Requires Primer-PU on absorbent substrates & Aquadur on humid ones.

Colors: white, beige, grey, red, brown & black
Coverage: ~1.5 lm / 600 ml (20 x 20 mm joints)
Packing: 300 & 600 ml

PRIMER-PU   (Alchimica)

Polyurethane primer for porous absorbent substrates like concrete, plaster & wood.

Coverage: 10-15 lm / 0.2 L
Packing: 0.2 L

MAPESIL AC   (Mapei)

Acid-based low-modulus thixotropic silicone sealant, resistant to chemicals & molds. Excellent durability even in extreme climatic & temperature conditions (-40 to 180°C). Used for joints in ceramic walls & floors, around sanitary ware, in swimming pools & in glassy doors & windows.
Available in 27 colors & transparent

Coverage: ~5 lm / 310 ml (8 x 8 mm joints)
Packing: 310 ml

PRIMER FD   (Mapei)

Primer for silicone sealants, to make Mapesil AC suitable for concrete, wood, metal, painted surfaces & plastics.

Coverage: 30-40 lm / 200 g
Packing: 200 g