Electrical bridge tile saw for straight to 45º cutting of single & double fired ceramic, porcelain tiles & marble. The plunging head allows to cut openings in the tiles.

Disk diameter: 250 mm.

Water circulation pump: submersible type P0

Single-phase motor, 230 V ~ 50 Hz, 1.8 Hp, 1.4 Kw

Cutting length (tiles up to 4.2 cm thick):

130 cm

Cutting length (tiles > 4.2 cm thick):

116 cm

Maximum tile size for diagonal cut (up to 4.2 cm thick):

92 x 92 cm

Maximum tile size for diagonal cut (> 4.2 cm thick):

82 x 82 cm

Maximum cutting depth (straight):

6.5 cm

Maximum cutting depth (at 45º):

5.3 cm

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