Waterproofing Systems | Polyurethane Coatings

HYPERDESMO 815   (alchimica)

One-component elastomeric (over 500%) polyurethane coating for foundations, roofs, water tanks, bathrooms, planters, bridges... Used on concrete, wood & metal. Light colors (white & grey) can be left exposed to sunlight, dark colors (e.g. red) have to be protected with a top coat of pigmented Hyperdesmo ADY-E. White color reflects 82% of sunlight thus decreasing internal temperature. Breathable.

Colors: white, grey & red
Coverage: ~15 m² / 25 Kg / 2 coats
Packing: 1, 6 & 25 Kg

HYPERDESMO S-WR   (alchimica)

One-component elastomeric (over 1000%) polyurethane coating for non-exposed areas: foundations, wet rooms, balconies (under tiles), planters... Used on concrete, wood & metal. Easy application even on vertical surfaces. Breathable.

Color: black
Coverage: ~18 m² / 25 Kg / 2 coats
Packing: 6 & 25 Kg

HYPERDESMO ADY-E   (Alchimica)

One-component transparent aliphatic elastomeric (over 300%) polyurethane coating for protection & UV resistance. Used on Hyperdesmo 815, LV & concrete. Can be pigmented with special pigment pastes (16 colors). Glossy finish. Breathable.

Color: transparent
Coverage: ~10 m² / L / coat
Packing: 4 & 20 L


One-component aliphatic elastomeric (over 300%) polyurethane topcoat for protection & UV resistance. Contains inorganic fillers for superior hiding power. Used on Hyperdesmo 815 & LV. Semi-glossy finish. Breathable.

Color : white
Coverage: ~4 m² / Kg / 1 coat
Packing: 5 & 20 Kg

HYPERDESMO ADY 610   (Alchimica)

One-component, fully aliphatic (non-yellowing), self-leveling, bubble-free, elastomeric (over 600%) polyurethane coating for roofs. Used on concrete, wood, metal, old but well adhered acrylic & asphalt coats. Recommended when color stability but also single-coat application is needed. Excellent long-term solar reflectance. Breathable.

Color: white
Coverage: ~9 m² / 15 Kg / 1 coat
Packing: 15 Kg