Waterproofing Systems | Primers for PU Coatings

AQUADUR   (Alchimica)

Two-component water-based epoxy primer (to be thinned with 10-30% water) for polyurethane coatings on humid concrete & metal. Also used as coating for concrete, or as an adhesive between new & old concrete. Certified as a humidity barrier.

Coverage: ~30 m² / 4 Kg / coat (primer)
Coverage: ~7 m² / 4 Kg / 3 coats (coating)
Packing: 4 & 10 Kg kits

Microsealer-50   (alchimica)

One-component, low-viscosity polyurethane-based primer/sealer. Used on all porous or non-porous substrates, e.g. concrete (wet, humid or dry), marble, ceramic tiles, glass & metal surfaces. Can also be used as a concrete sealer.

Coverage: ~6 m² / L / coat
Packing: 1, 4 & 20 L

UNIVERSAL PRIMER 2K-4060   (alchimica)

Two-component fast-curing solvent-free polyurethane-based primer. Can be used on humid or smooth concrete & metal. Ideal for bituminous substrates.

Coverage: ~30 m² / 4 Kg / coat
Packing: 4 Kg kit

PRIMER T   (alchimica)

One-component quick-drying colorless primer, used with Hyperdesmo T on non-porous substrates (glass, glassy tiles…). Can also be used with other Hyperdesmo products.

Coverage: max 50 g / m²
Packing: 1 L

GEODESMO-50   (Alchimica)

One-component, low-viscosity polyurethane-based primer/sealer. Faster curing version of Microsealer-50. Used on all porous or non-porous substrates. It can be applied on concrete (dry, humid or wet) as a primer or as a sealer.

Coverage: ~4 m² / L / coat
Packing: 4 & 20 L