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Telescopic supports made of polypropylene for raised flooring. Enable passage of pipes & electrical installations. Each support bears 500 Kg of concentrated load. Adjustable height: 35-60 mm, with possibility to add height extensions & anti-noise rubber shim.

Joint thickness: 2 mm
Head diameter: 120 mm

PROGRIP   (Progress)

Self-adhesive non-slip tape, for interior & exterior use.

Colors: brown & black
Roll size: 25 mm x 18.2 m

PRODESO   (Progress)

Uncoupling & waterproofing membrane used on floors before laying ceramic tiles or natural stones. Made of LDPE with circular cavities, coated on both sides with nonwoven polypropylene to ensure proper adhesion to both the floor & floor covering. Can be used on cementitious, tiled or wooden floors. Resistant to saline solutions, acids & alkalis, alcohol & oils.

Overall thickness: 3,5 mm
Roll size: 1 x 30 m

PROBAND 150   (Progress)

Waterproofing elastic ribbon used to waterproof joints between adjacent pieces of PRODESO to make it a waterproofing layer. Made of HDPE with nonwoven polypropylene on both sides to guarantee high adhesion to both the support and its covering.

Thickness: 0.4 mm
Width: 15 cm
Roll length: 5 & 30 m

PROBAND KOLL   (Progress)

Fast-setting, one component adhesive with very low VOC, used for gluing PROBAND 150 to the perimeter and between adjacent pieces of PRODESO membrane, to make it waterproof. Exterior and interior use.

Color: red
Coverage: 12.5 Lm / 5 Kg
Packing: 5 & 20 Kg (mix 5 Kg with ~ 1.3 L water)