Concrete Related Products | Additives


Rubber latex for improving mechanical strength and adhesion of cement-based mortars used in screeds & renders. Solid content: 40%.

Coverage: 1-5 Kg / 50 Kg cement
Packing: 5 & 25 Kg

MAPEFLUID PZ500   (Mapei)

Super-plasticizing powder admixture to obtain top quality concrete in terms of strength, water tightness & resistance to the most aggressive conditions. Recommended for bridges, tunnels, marine constructions, underwater pours…

Coverage: 20-40 Kg / m³ concrete
Packing: 11 Kg


Chloride-free antifreeze for concrete & cementitious mortars. Accelerates hardening & protects from freezing damage. Used at temperatures as low as -10ºC.

Coverage: 0.5-2 Kg / 50 Kg cement
Packing: 30 Kg

BELMIX FIBERS   (Belgian Fibers)

Polypropylene fibers for plaster (6 mm length) or concrete (12 & 18 mm length), used to reduce permeability & cracking and increase resistance to abrasion, impact, freezing & fire.

Dosage: 100 g / 50 Kg cement
Dosage: 600-900 g / m³ of concrete
Packing: 100 g bag (for 6 mm fibers)
Packing: 600 g bag (for 12 mm fibers)
Packing: 900 g bag (for 18 mm fibers)

SIPCURE WB   (Sipco)

Water-based concrete curing compound. Produces a non-penetrating film which prevents excessive water evaporation, resulting in efficient cement hydration & reduction of shrinkage formation.
Complies with ASTM C309 - Type 1D curing membrane

Coverage: 4-6 m² / L
Packing: 25 L