Joint Treatment | Heat & Fire-Resistant Products

ORBASIL N-65 FIRE STOP   (Quilosa)

Neutral medium-high modulus permanently flexible silicone sealant, specifically designed for high temperature applications, domestic or industrial (ovens, chimneys, smoke outlets, boilers, heating appliances…). Excellent temperature resistance (-50 to 200°C, temporary peaks up to 300°C).

Color: grey
Coverage: ~ 5 lm / 300 ml (for 8 mm x 8 mm joints)
Packing: 300 ml


One-component, refractory inorganic paste used to seal joints (5-20 mm wide) & openings in surfaces exposed to high temperatures, and in the installation of heating systems (ovens, chimneys…). Good adherence to concrete, metal & bricks. Can be painted. Resists temperatures up to 1500°C.

Color: black
Coverage: ~4 m² / 300 ml (brick laying)
Coverage: ~3 lm / 300 ml (10 x 10 mm joints)
Packing: 300 ml


One-component, quick-setting, refractory sealing grout used to lay refractory bricks or to make rigid seals in ovens, fireplaces, chimneys... Resistant to flames & high temperatures (permanent heat up to 1200°C, temporary peaks up to 1600°C).

Color: grey
Coverage: ~4 m² / 300 ml (brick laying)
Coverage : ~3 lm / 300 ml (10 x 10 mm joints)
Packing: 300 ml

KOS FIRE CEMENT   (Everbuild)

Ready to use thermo-setting mortar to fix & repair fire backings (fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers). Suitable for domestic & industrial use. Resists temperatures up to 1250ºC.

Colors: buff & black
Coverage: 3 m / Kg
Packing: 2 Kg


Polyurethane foam, fire-rated up to 4 hours. Expands over 46 times (initial free expansion). Used for filling, sealing, fixing, soundproofing & insulating.

Packing: 750 ml can